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Over the new year some thoughts that had been floating around for a good few months rose up quite emphatically and insistently to the surface. 

One of those was: 

I don’t want to write for social media anymore. 

Even if I didn’t *try* to write or create for the algorithm, there were always still ‘best practices’ in the back of my mind – selfie over graphic, do I care about the time of day – et cetera, Et. Cetera. 

While I really enjoy making reels (who knew?) and writing, social media starting feeling less like a playground and more like…  

Everyone standing in the middle of a town square, speaking loudly hoping to get people to stop and pay attention to what they’re saying. 

Which of course means different things to different people, but the vibe – to me – doesn’t feel ‘let’s stop and have a leisurely chat’ but more like – is this being shared for engagement? 

Is this being exaggerated? Is there any point in commenting since there’s a 50/50 chance of getting a notification if they reply? 

The structure of social media itself makes it harder to have those longer, more nuanced conversations that so many topics and ideas require. 

On the other hand, the conversations I’ve been having off social media – whether it’s in messages, voice notes, or one to one virtual coffee dates, have been rich, deep, expansive and healing. 

Let's talk about... everything

That’s why I’d like to officially invite you to my ‘home’ – my digital home, that is, here on the Miscellany website. 

Every Friday I’ll be publishing a new article (or podcast episode, coming soon) on… well, lots of stuff. 

Things I’ve been writing about (that are on the schedule for publishing) include:

  • The whole world of online business, coaches and marketing.
  • Spirituality and how it can be used to help people connect to deeper truths about themselves or to lightwash and bypass very real, painful systemic issues and personal experiences.
  • Bodies and the emotions we store and the effects they can have on our lives,
  • The connection between our body, our energy, our mind and our soul,
  • Where science is an excellent tool for understanding the world around us, and where science is limited and has difficulty being applied. 
  • Living in a capitalistic society that is showing signs it’s time to change to a new paradigm, without structural oppression, patriarchy and white supremacy baked into its foundation.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about cults, high control groups, and how our society is structured to prime many people to be vulnerable to these types of groups – so you’ll probably be seeing that soon. 

If you’d like to get a feel for what these articles will look like, I’ve published two to get started: 

The ‘Nocebo’ Effect and How It Might Affect Your Health Experience

Miasma, the Bubonic Plague, and Spirituality – When What We’re Experiencing is More Advanced than Our Science

If these are things you’re interested in thinking about, or talking about, at a slower pace than the compulsive scroll of Instatweettikbook, then I would love to have you here. 

You can subscribe to my email list to be notified each Friday when the new piece is ready (subscribe below & get my free body connecting audio).

The comments will be open on these posts so you can share your thoughts if you’d like. 

Later (once I sort it out) I’ll also be sharing a link to book a coffee chat with me if there are any of these topics you’d like to delve into further. 

I’ll still be posting on social when I publish new pieces, but given that I’ll be consistently pointing people OFF social media I don’t think I’ll get much reach. 

Thank you for reading – and, if you’re subscribing / keeping up with the blog – for joining me! 

(If you’re email saturated and would rather take the chance on the algorithm showing you when I’ve published a new article, you can follow me @healingmiscellany on instagram or facebook). 

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