Work With Me

If your body has been asking you to pay more attention to it, listen to it, or you just feel like unlocking your body is the next right step on your journey, let’s work together

If you’re wondering if working with me is right for you, watch this little (6 minute) video I created to help you through that decision process.

Scroll down for details of ways to work with me, and if you’d like to know more about me & my background, click here to go to the about page.

The Initial Session is what I recommend for new clients, so you can focus on one specific issue, and we both see whether it feels right for you to move to the full package (now, or at a later date).

The Connect & Release package is the package I’ve developed that seems to get the most benefits for clients as it gives the body time to expand and go deeper. 

Have a question? You may find the answer on the Frequently Asked Questions page or you can send me a message.

Initial Session

The Initial Session (new clients only) gives you an opportunity to experience working with me if you’re pretty sure you want to work with me, but want to try it before committing to the full package. 

We identify one intention for the session – anything from reducing neck and shoulder pain to connecting to the body to understand why it’s feeling a certain way about something, and work on it for 90-minutes. 

If, after the initial session you choose to continue on the full package with me, this will become your first session in the package and the fee will go towards the package fee. 

One-off sessions with me are usually £300, but I offer the initial session at a slight discount of £247. 

What’s Included:

1 x 90 minute session

1 week post-session voice support (voxer or WhatsApp)

Journal prompts/reflection/self-care exercises as applicable


*prices are in GBP – to check an approximate conversion you can use – final price will vary depending on your bank

Connect + Release package

Tension & energy builds up in our body over time, and our bodies need time to come back into balance.

The Connect & Release Package is a 3-4 month package, where we dig into and connect with your body. Your ability to connect with your body will deepen and grow as we work together to discovery what memories, experiences or imbalances are interfering with you and your body’s ability to show up the way you feel called to.  

If you’re interested in the package, you can either sign up for the Initial Session below or get in touch for details on how to sign up for the Connect & Release Package today.

What’s included:

6 x 90 minute session every other week (or so)

No Pain at Work – online course for computer users to prevent neck & shoulder pain

Voxer/Whatsapp Support, for processing, questions, and ad hoc mini healing

Journal prompts/reflection/self-care exercises as applicable

Option to add 2 more sessions if needed at end of package (about 50% of clients add this, for additional £550)

Investment £2000* – Payment Plan Available

*prices are in GBP – to check an approximate conversion you can use – final price will vary depending on your bank

Group Workshop

Do you have a group, mastermind, or membership and are looking for unique experiences for your group, that will also help them manage their well-being?

I love introducing people to the idea that our physical pain has both physical/mechanical and emotional causes, and then showing them how they can start to connect to their body to understand what it needs for themselves. 

My group workshops are generally very practical – with some theory to explain the concepts and then going through the tools they can use together, with a trauma-sensitive approach. 

What’s Included:

Usually a 60 or 90 minute group session via Zoom

There are a lot of options, from walking people through connecting to their bodies, 

Demonstrating how our emotions can be linked to our pain, 


I love working with group leaders to figure out what works best for your people. 

If this is what you’re looking for, send me a message below. 

starting from £200

The Experience

"We've released so many things that I've been holding in my body for forever..."

Katherine Wehler,
New paradigm business + soul coach

Code of Ethics

CONFIDENTIALITY - I operate a strict confidentiality policy - I only share results with permission, regardless of whether it is anonymously or if it names my clients.

CONSENT AT EVERY TURN - Informed consent is at the foundation of my work. This means that you get a full explanation of what we're doing, and I'll be checking you're happy to proceed before we do. I don't push what 'I think is best' - we go at the pace that feels comfortable to you.

TRAUMA-SENSITIVITY - I operate a trauma-sensitive practice, and am READY! trauma-sensitive certified practitioner. This means I have an understanding of things like trauma triggers, dissociation, the effects on the brain and body of trauma, and operate accordingly.

JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE - There are things we 'know' aren't true, and then there's experiences and beliefs we carry in our body. I've seen a huge range of client experiences, and you will never experience judgement from me.

DUAL RELATIONSHIPS - if we know each other in any other capacity, I am very clear when we are interacting as client/practitioner and as friend, colleague, etc. I treat the information shared in the client/practitioner relationship as separate and disconnected from any friend interactions, unless you tell me otherwise.

YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR BODY IS SOVEREIGN - When I work with someone, I will receive intuitive guidance/downloads, and you will receive messages from your body. If there is ever a difference between what I get and what you get, your connection to your body is sovereign. There is no ‘I am the expert so you must listen to me’. This whole process is about you building your relationship with your body and learning to trust what you’re receiving.

YOUR BODY’S COMFORT IS PRIORITY - Sometimes, when we’re exploring certain topics, you may notice your body feels nervous, or anxious, or even scared. Because part of this work is re-building that trust with your body, we NEVER push through those feelings. We talk to the body to see what it needs to feel safe, and if we can’t get it to feel safe on that occasion, we don’t do it. I believe this approach allows us to release some deep and difficult things without issue.