Are you ready to get your body on board with your mission?

You and I both know you are meant to do something bigger in this life.

But you feel like your body keeps getting in the way…

Welcome, it’s so great to meet you!

I’m Katherine

I’m here to support you in connecting with your body and release whatever is creating pain or holding you back from showing up the way you know you’re meant to.

Our bodies do so much for us, carry so much for us, and they just want us to talk to them – and that’s what I’m here to help with.

How do we do this? Scientifically and with a dash of magic (aka a bit of the unexplained).

My Story

Or, how did I get here?

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Trust me, I didn’t think I’d end up talking about bodies as if they were their own living, breathing consciousness. 

I started as a pretty straight-laced massage therapist, focusing on mechanics and structure and balance. 

Back then, if you wanted to annoy me all you had to do was say: 

'Massage Therapy is a complimentary therapy like reiki and aromatherapy.'

Of course, I know better now, but back then my mind would scream: 

‘Remedial & sports massage is SCIENTIFIC! It’s not like reiki.’ 

(side note: I now get reiki about once a month, so I’m a total convert now) 

The point is... my view of the body was scientific

I could explain everything that happened in a session from a mechanical point of view, and it made me very effective. 

(I even had an ex-Olympian – Sydney, water polo – tell me I was the best sports massage he’d EVER had – during the 2012 London Olympics). 

Other people might believe in energy and past lives and ET CETERA – but not me. I needed a solid scientific explanation.  

Things started to change just slightly when I started learning visceral manipulation and that ‘organs can be affected by emotional energy.’ 

Again, it was observable and repeatable in my sessions (though not understood by my clients). 

But it still made sense to me. And then 2020 happened and while I would have loved to stick with my ‘it must have a logical explanation mindset,’ 

The world had other plans.

First, at the end of 2019 I started having my own past life memories. 

Then, with the lockdown, I offered video sessions and found that I was clairsentient. 

I could feel client’s emotions. 

I could see energy in their bodies. 

I could feel where tension was. 

And… I could hear their body talking to me. 

Which meant I could facilitate conversations between people and their bodies. 

It wasn't logical. But the results were convincing.

None of the video sessions where these memories and emotions were coming out made logical sense. 

Right shoulder pain that had NO results from physical therapist, massage, osteopathy, etc being linked to grief from a years-old loss, reducing by 80% in the first session. 

Migraines linked to childhood experiences living in the pituitary gland. 

Energies that were preventing people from moving forward in their business, and once they were gone those people finally being able to be more visible, or take steps in their business they’d been procratinating on. 

You get the picture (and you can read some of my client testimonials for more). 

Science & spirituality

At first, I didn’t know how to reconcile the two. 

Past lives, spiritual entities, energies, plus body mechanics and how digestion works. 

But science has always been the pursuit of explaining that which we don’t understand.

Deep down, I know I’m here to help change the world by supporting the people who are here to do big work, but constantly feel held back by their body. 

That’s why I’m leaning into the spiritual unknown, while applying scientific methods like recording & collating data to track patterns and reactions. 

Maybe one day we’ll understand this all better. 

In the meantime, I’m on this journey to learn more about what our bodies are meant to be for us, while helping you get more support from your body in your work. 

Ready to start connecting with your body?

A few fun facts

I’m originally from the USA - Baltimore MD and after roaming the world have made my home in East London, UK with my husband, two sons, and two cats

I love the Marvel cinematic universe, any movies related to time travel, Mexican food & Bubble tea

I’m a body geek - In my spare time you can find me reading brain + body science books - along with anything by Sophie Kinsella and other chick lit when my brain wants some bubble gum books

Professional Background + Credentials

my Mission

I want you to feel safe and supported.

During our time together you will be in a sacred space that’s safe / a place where you can just exist without judgement and worries.

My goal is for you to come out the other side feeling such a deeper understanding and connection to your body, more than you imagined was possible, that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

The experience