Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions can vary a lot depending on what the goals are for our work and what comes up during a session. 

From a practical perspective, we start by identifying your goal for the overall package as well as that specific session. There may be assessments of posture & movement if we’re dealing with a specific physical discomfort (which we aren’t always). 

We then have you comfortably lying down, usually on a yoga mat with some cushions but a bed is also okay (especially where there might be mobility issues). 

I will then guide you to connect to your body and we will either explore together where your body asks us to go, mentally connecting to everything from specific joints, organs, or even energy centres. We may also use stretches or self-muscle-releases to address any specific mechanical causes related to your goals for the session. 

During the session, with your permission, I also connect in to your body to feel what I feel drawn to or feel needs to released, and we work together to identify what needs to be worked through in each session.

Again, responses will depend a lot on what came up, but there are a few consistencies: 

Most people feel quite tired after their first few sessions, so I recommend you have space after to rest/relax (i.e. don’t plan a strenuous workout or stressful day after your first sessions).

A lot of people end up feeling what is similar to post-massage soreness, which is interesting because it’s over video, but it’s happened enough that I can say it’s a common response to a session. 

You should usually expect a 24-48 hour period of integration where you may feel a bit tired or achy depending on what we worked on, although sometimes people feel great the next day. 

It’s also common to get some interesting dreams after a session as your body/subconscious process what you released. 

Through this work I’ve helped a number of different things, and I’m still being surprised by what effects this can have on a client’s body and wellbeing. 

That said, I would never say ‘I can help x, y, or z’ because my ability to support you with that depends entirely on: a) the reason you have the problem and b) how much you’re able to apply self-care/changes between sessions. 

You can see testimonials, case studies and client stories on the home, work with me & about pages. 

If you’re feeling instinctively that my work is right for you, but you’re not sure if I can help what you need help with, let’s set up a chat. It’s not a sales call, in that I don’t expect you to make a decision while we talk. My #1 priority is making sure you choose work that will be beneficial to you, at the right time for you, and I’m happy to answer questions to help you make that decision. 

I believe that if we feel called to connect with someone, then it’s meant to happen, even if it turns out that it’s not to work together. 

That said, if you’d like a sample of things I’ve helped in the past, I’ve helped clients with: 

Chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain

Migraines and TMJ 

Digestive issues (constipation, IBS symptoms)

Getting back energy, focus, or clarity 

(Please note, this is not saying that I can always help these things, it very much depends on what the cause is. It’s always helpful to have medical issues ruled out by doctors if there are any medical concerns)

This is a great question, and the answer is: It depends. 

If after we do assessments and history and it seems like the problem in your body is mainly physical / mechanical then there will be a heavier focus on stretches, exercises, and posture adjustments. 

If it seems like your problem is more / mostly energetic (e.g. emotional energy being held in your body) then it will be more about connecting into your body and releasing what’s being held there. 

In my experience, the causes of pain are on a spectrum, with one end being physical and the other emotional, and everyone is on a different place in that spectrum so we adjust based on where you are. 

That said, most of my clients have already explored a lot of the physical side of it (seeing specialists, physios, osteopaths, etc) and had limited improvement so I find there tends to be a more energetic component in our sessions than, for example, back when I worked solely as a soft tissue therapist in my clinic. 

Usually clients immediately feel a difference after their initial session. However, to really dig deep into what we’re carrying and the causes for things, we need to have a series of sessions to help build that connection to your body and really get into what you’re carrying in it. 

Overall I’ve found 6 or 8 sessions to be the perfect number, which is why my package starts with 6 sessions and you can add 2 on if it feels like the right thing for you. 

You can find details of fees in my ‘Work With Me’ page here. I recommend people start with an initial session to make sure that the work is right for them, and then that can be incorporated into the full package (and the initial session fee put towards the full package price) if that’s done within a month. 

I’m also open to extended payment plans where needed to make it more accessible.

The number one thing I tell people is to check in with your intuition and your body, and only work with me if you can feel it’s the right next step for you. 

If you need more information to be able to get that feeling, so you’re welcome to look through my website, or set up a zoom chat to ask questions/get a feel for my style and personality.

There is a video at the top of my Work With Me page that gives suggestions on how you can decide if working with me is right for you. 

If you feel it might be the right thing for you but aren’t really sure what it is, that’s what the initial session is for – a one-off session to experience my work, which should give you enough information to know if it’s right for you – either now or in the future. 

If you’re not sure, and don’t want to try the initial session right now, hop on my email list or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to keep in touch and when you’re ready to work with me later, I’ll be here.