Part 2: How The Need for Certainty Hurts Us

In case you’re not coming from Part 1, in this series we’re looking at our desire/attachment to certainty, and whether perhaps instead of searching for certainty, we should be getting comfortable with uncertainty. Part 1 looked at why certainty is so alluring – how certainty from spiritual leaders make them seem so… enlightened; How certainty […]

Part 1: The Allure (or Obsession) with Certainty

the problem with certainty - defining our terms

Part 1: The Allure (or Obsession?) with Certainty Do you ever feel like you’d feel so much better – about your life, your work, your self, your relationship, *insert blank here* if you just had more… Certainty.  Does it sometimes feel like the people who know what they’re doing – the successful business owners, the […]

How I Learned Emotional Energy in the Body Creates Pain

Today I want to tell you about how I started noticing that the emotional energy that we carry in our body can be a cause of the body pain that we experience. As you may already know, I started working with bodies in a massage therapy capacity – I was a sport and remedial massage […]

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