Miasma, the Bubonic Plague, and Spirituality 

When Our Experience is Ahead of Our Science During the bubonic plague, in the 14th century, there were multiple theories as to what spread the plague.  They blamed astrology, a vengeful God, the balance of ‘humours’ in the body, and something called ‘miasma’. Miasma referred to bad smells, odours, or air that carried the disease. […]

The ‘Nocebo’ Effect

& how it might affect your health experience Did you see the title and think ‘Do you mean ‘Placebo’ Effect, Katherine?’  If yes, then you’re starting on the same page as I was when I first heard this term.  If you haven’t heard of the placebo effect:  The placebo effect is when someone gets a […]

Invitation – What I’m Doing

You’re invited… here’s what’s next Over the new year some thoughts that had been floating around for a good few months rose up quite emphatically and insistently to the surface.  One of those was:  I don’t want to write for social media anymore.  Even if I didn’t *try* to write or create for the algorithm, […]

Client Story – Shoulder –> Lung –> Brain

In this client story, I share how we found that shoulder pain, was linked to the lungs, and then to a memory held in a client’s brain. Another great example of how the body knows where we need to go – if we just listen to it.

We’re snowmobiles in a desert

Something to remember during mental health awareness week. YOU are a beautifully-adapted being, that is expected to function in an environment that is exactly the opposite of the environment that you evolved to exist in. ‘It’s like putting a snowmobile in a desert and saying that there’s something wrong with the snowmobile’. (This is a badly paraphrased quote […]

Increasing Lung Capacity via Video

In this client story, I share some experimental work I did with a client with COPD, over video, and the surprising impact it had on her lung capacity.

Do you have jaw tension?

Do you have jaw tension? Here’s what it could mean… TMJ or chronic jaw tensing/tension is a really common issue with my clients. Physical reasons may include tension in the muscles at the top of the neck/base of the skull, stickiness in the small intestine/stomach, as well as tense jaw muscles. Of course, there are […]

Are you making this body self care mistake

Don’t make this one super common mistake with your body & new year resolutions this year.  Whether you love or hate the whole new year’s thing, it’s definitely a popular time to look at how you take care of your body.  So, let’s talk about a mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to […]

Your relationship with your body and your parents

First, your body. How do you feel about your body? Do you feel like it’s a burden? Do you tend to neglect it? Do you ignore the signals it sends you, and instead tell IT what IT *should* be feeling? Now: your parents. How did you feel your parents treated you? Did they make YOU […]

How I Learned Emotional Energy in the Body Creates Pain

Today I want to tell you about how I started noticing that the emotional energy that we carry in our body can be a cause of the body pain that we experience. As you may already know, I started working with bodies in a massage therapy capacity – I was a sport and remedial massage […]