Increasing Lung Capacity via Video

Let me preface this particular story with: 
When I tell my friends about my work, they often say ‘If it wasn’t you telling me this, I wouldn’t believe it.’
Trust me, I’m the same. Every single day I’m surprised and excited by my work – but if you’d had told me a in 2020 this was possible I would have thought you were a crazy person.
Which is all to say, if it seems a little unbelievable – I totally get it.
Now, for the story – of how I connected to & improved someone with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) lung capacity over video.
A few weeks ago (I waited to share as I was waiting for permission to share anonymously from the client) I mentioned to someone that I seemed to be able to connect to specific parts of people’s bodies over video.
She mentioned her mother was really suffering with COPD, and did I think it could help?
I said I didn’t really know as it’s not something I’ve done up to now, but that I was happy to do a free 20-minute trial session.
A few days later, set up on zoom, we did the session, and here’s what happened (I was really pleasantly surprised by this)
Because at this stage mobility was challenging, I just had her lay back and relax with her hand on her chest around where the lungs were.
Before doing anything, to identify a baseline I asked her to inhale deeply, and notice if one side felt like it was expanding more than the other.
I connected in, one side at a time, and pictured as if she was in front of me, in person.
For some reason, when I connect in to people across video I can FEEL things in my hands. Like, I could FEEL where there was stickiness.
After releasing one side, the client reported 50% improvement in lung capacity on that one side, no change on the side I hadn’t worked on yet.
In the other side, there was something more sticky and more stubborn, and I could feel the emotion that was released as I connected to the lung (I also often feel the emotions that the body releases, like a wave that comes to me and then the client).
The release on the second side created a discomfort in the client, in the area I’d felt the stickiness, that went up to the head.
I was able to calm it a bit, but it was still present when we finished the 20-minutes. (I checked in later and it had dissipated within 1-2 hours.
(Again, I want to emphasise here that she didn’t do anything to herself except bring her awareness to the left lung, while I was connecting in with the intention to release it).
At the end of the 20 minutes, I asked the client:
How much more lung capacity do you have now when you inhale, compared to when we started?
Her answer?
20-30% more.
My next question: ‘When is the last time you remember having this much lung capacity?’
(I ask this type of question to assess whether it’s common for the client to have this type of change normally, i.e. if it could be happening completely disconnected to what we’ve just done in the session)
Her answer: never – I can’t remember the last time I could breathe this deeply.
Since then, I’ve been experimenting more and more not just with observing what emotional energy and where we hold in our body, but also how much I can connect to people and effect observable, measurable changes.
This coming from someone who low-key thought distance reiki was a bit scammy a few years ago (my belated apologies to all distance reiki practitioners everywhere).
I don’t understand how it could possibly work.
But I love that it does, and I’ll just keep working with clients, observing and recording results, and maybe one day we’ll be able to explain how it happens.
(Side note – in medicine we don’t NEED to know the mechanism to know it’s effective – see a forthcoming post about Tylenol/paracetamol).
I can’t wait to keep working with this client and see how much progress we can make.
(Again, shared anonymously with permission).
If you have any questions about this, or want to share something you’re excited about in your own work, I’d love to hear it…

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