How I Learned Emotional Energy in the Body Creates Pain

How I Learned Emotional Energy in the Body Creates Pain

Today I want to tell you about how I started noticing that the emotional energy that we carry in our body can be a cause of the body pain that we experience.

As you may already know, I started working with bodies in a massage therapy capacity – I was a sport and remedial massage therapist.

I approached pretty much every body ache and pain that was muscle or joint related (if we knew that there wasn’t a structural problem with the joint) as a structural issue.

That if we just released the muscles and got everything back into balance, that the pain would go away.

For a long time, that worked really, really well.

Most of the body pain that I came across was related to muscle tension. Releasing it and getting the body back into balance significantly helped to get rid of the pain.

However, there were some instances where it felt like the body didn’t want to let go of that tension.

Let me back up a little bit here because at one point I realised that there was something missing from my work.

I came across something called visceral manipulation, which is where you connect into the organs and you mobilise them or work to release some ‘stickiness’ and that was often really helping in releasing the muscles as well.

For example, if there was stickiness in the liver, that could affect the right side of the neck or the right shoulder or the right torso, upper back ribcage area.

At first, I thought that visceral manipulation was the solution.

The answer to why sometimes muscles just wouldn’t release or we couldn’t get the release.

But what I noticed is that even with the visceral manipulation, sometimes the body just didn’t seem to respond to manual therapy.

The  person who developed the visceral manipulation I learned, which is at the Barral Institute, is that it seemed that our body would store specific types of emotional energy in different parts of the body.

(I am doing a series on that so you can read that or listen to that separately, like about what energies tend to end up in which different organs and parts of the body)

I took that information and started to apply it with my clients.

For example, if I noticed that someone had stickiness in their stomach that didn’t seem to want to release, knowing that the stomach often held work stress, I’d ask them:

‘What’s going on in your in your work life right now? What is stressing you out with your job?’

The most interesting things started to happen – as soon as the person started to talk about what was bothering them or stressing them out around their job, the stomach would start to release.

Which would mean the left shoulder or the left side of the neck would release.

I started to play with that a little bit more.

Whenever I found that I had tissue – whether it was organ fascia or muscle tissue – that didn’t seem like it wanted release, I’d ask the person to open up their mind and see what came into it. 

It seemed as though the body wanted them to be aware of something, and let go of that particular thing.

Almost without exception, when people would open up their mind and let something come in, we’d get this big release of heat from the area. Sometimes I would feel tingling under my hands, or a change of sensation, like a buzzing feeling or sometimes a pulsing.

Not only would they feel looser there, which would mean that a lot of their pain would go away, but they also felt lighter, like they had more space in their body after they connected to this thing.

This is how I started to discover that emotional energy that we hold in our body can be one of the causes of pain.

I started to refer to it as the physical-emotional pain spectrum.

Sometimes we would have a pain that was purely physical aka muscle tension or mechanical imbalances.  We could release it and that would feel better.

Sometimes it was almost purely emotional, where the body didn’t really even seem to need any sort of muscle release or pressure on the body.

But, if we just allowed ourselves to be led to where the body was feeling restriction, open up the client’s mind and see what came up into their head.

When they connected with that and started talking about it and processing it – in a safe way, of course, in a way that they felt comfortable with – the tissue would release just on its own without needing any pressure at all.

As a side note here, and I will always try to make this very, very clear – when I say that your body is holding emotional energy and that can be a factor in the pain that you’re experiencing, I am not in any way shape or form saying that this is all in your head.

When we say something’s ‘all in our head’ it implies we think it’s imaginary or not real.

I fully fully believe, based on my experience with many, many clients, that this is not something imaginary.

This is not something in the head.

This is a palpable energy that I can feel with my hands and clients can feel with their hands that when it’s released, decreases the pain and makes people feel like they have more space in their body.

I’m not sure exactly what it is. Or what physical form it takes. But because of my work, I feel that it’s probably at some point going to be proven that this emotional energy has some sort of physical property in it.

That takes up space in our body and interferes with the function of things and that that’s why when we release it, our muscles release around it and we feel like we have more space and we feel lighter.

What this does mean is that events from our life, feelings that we’re feeling now, stresses that we’re experiencing now. Things from our early childhood, and even I’ve seen things from people’s past lives come up, are being held in our body and can be affecting the way that we feel on a day to day basis.

Whether it’s physical pain, or indigestion or fatigue or clarity or focus.

These are all things that I’ve seen improve after working with clients in this physical emotional spectrum approach.

If you feel like you have something going on in your body that you don’t think is purely physical and deep down you feel like there is an emotional or energetic component to it.

This is exactly what I help with.

If you’d like more information you can go to my work with me page where you can sign up for a tester session which is a 90 minute session with me at a slightly lower rate where you can see the work for yourself and see how your body responds to it.

Or you can look at my connect and release package. I’m always happy to talk to people if they’re interested.

Because this work is unique and it’s probably not like something you’ve experienced before.

If you’d like to practice connecting to your body and getting that emotional feedback, you can download my free guided audio that walks you through connecting in and starting to listen to your body.

And I’ll include the link here for you to download it and then that will also put you on my email list

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I’d love to know in the comments or you can get in touch. Do you feel like you carry emotional energy that might be a cause of your pain? Do you notice that when certain things come up, you get a physical response in your body and it doesn’t just feel like it’s related to muscle tension but that it’s related to the emotional energy or events in your life. Let me know

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