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Hi, I'm Katherine

For best results, I work with clients over a series of sessions, usually 6-8, to address one or two physical/energetic issues they’re having. 


However, as my work is pretty unique, and you really have to try it to understand how it works, you can choose a single session with me to see how it works and how you feel after. 


Lastly, if you run a group or membership and want to share some tools your members can use to feel better in their body and be better connected to their body so they’re better able to undestand what their body needs, I offer 60 or 90 minute group video session. 


Check out details for all three, and how to book them, below. 

An intro session is a one-off, introductory session for you to trial and get a sense of how you and your body respond to the work. 

We identify one intention for the session – anything from reducing neck and shoulder pain to connecting to the body to understand why it’s feeling a certain way about something, and work on it for 90-minutes. 

If, after the initial session you choose to continue on the full package with me, this will become your first session in the package. 

Initial sessions are only available for clients who haven’t had sessions with me previously.

Purchase an intro session below, or get in touch if you’d like more details.

Fee: £300

Just like things build up in our bodies over time, for the best results we work together for a number of sessions, as each one builds on the last. We start with 6 sessions, usually across 3-4 months (timing depends on what’s right for your body). 

During the Connect & Release sessions, you’ll receive self-care exercises and journal prompts and voice support between sessions, and personalised visualisations/meditations to support your journey as needed. 

You can start with an intro session above, and then fold that into the Connect & Release Package, or set up a call with me to discuss what you’re looking for and how the sessions may support you.

Fee: £2400 (extended payment plans available)

Do you have a group, mastermind, or membership and like to share resources with people that help them manage their wellbeing?


I love introducing people to the idea that our physical pain has both physical/mechanical and emotional causes, and then showing them how they can start to connect to their body to understand what it needs themselves. 


My group workshops are generally very practical – with some theory to explain the concepts and then going through the tools they can use together, with a trauma-sensitive approach. 


For more information, please click the ‘get in touch’ button below and we can discuss what will be most supportive for your group.

Fee: £200-350 (depending on duration and number of people)

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