Healing as a Downward Spiral

What’s your mental model when you think about healing? I’ve heard people talk about ascension, as if the process of healing means that you rise upward, into a ‘higher vibration’, that ‘lower vibrations’ fall away or become less frequent. (We’re not going to go into what I think about the vibration hierarchy right now, but […]

The Truth about Healing Is in the Middle

Looking at the conversations around healing, we’re often confronted by two extremes.  The truth, as it often is, is more nuanced and somewhere in the middle. In today’s article, I’m sharing the two extremes I often see in the healing dialogue, and then look at what I believe to be truth – which is somewhere […]

Anger Before Forgiveness

‘You’re a better person than I am,’ she told me, as I shared relief and disbelief that I had finally let go of the pain and the anger and blame that I had carried from my mother for so many years. She too had a – let’s say, challenging relationship with her mother (to put […]

A Little-Known Cause of Body Pain

Today’s topic is tricky; I want to talk about pain. I want to talk about pain – specifically, one of the causes of body pain that many people aren’t aware of, but in my experience can often be the missing key when people are trying so many things and not quite getting there. First, a […]

Internal Intuition or External Expertise

The False Binary Series – #1 To be honest, I don’t know if this is going to be a series (so, I may delete this and the heading at some point).  It does seem, though, that there are a lot of false binaries in our world – which leads to a lot of oversimplification and […]

The Unspoken Grief of Life

When we’re young, we get a lot of the messaging ‘You can do whatever you set your mind to’ – or some variation of that. We may be told we can do whatever job we want. We may be told we can get married and have children. We may have been told we could buy […]

The ‘Nocebo’ Effect

& how it might affect your health experience Did you see the title and think ‘Do you mean ‘Placebo’ Effect, Katherine?’  If yes, then you’re starting on the same page as I was when I first heard this term.  If you haven’t heard of the placebo effect:  The placebo effect is when someone gets a […]

Do you have jaw tension?

Do you have jaw tension? Here’s what it could mean… TMJ or chronic jaw tensing/tension is a really common issue with my clients. Physical reasons may include tension in the muscles at the top of the neck/base of the skull, stickiness in the small intestine/stomach, as well as tense jaw muscles. Of course, there are […]

Are you making this body self care mistake

Don’t make this one super common mistake with your body & new year resolutions this year.  Whether you love or hate the whole new year’s thing, it’s definitely a popular time to look at how you take care of your body.  So, let’s talk about a mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to […]

Your relationship with your body and your parents

First, your body. How do you feel about your body? Do you feel like it’s a burden? Do you tend to neglect it? Do you ignore the signals it sends you, and instead tell IT what IT *should* be feeling? Now: your parents. How did you feel your parents treated you? Did they make YOU […]