Meet Katherine

Hi, I'm Katherine


I’d love to share my story with you, the path I took to arrive at this work and a bit about me, personally, as well.

And I’d love to get to know you – so if you feel called, please feel free to fill in the message box at the end and share a bit about how you ended up on my website and what you’d like to feel better in your body. 


Intuitive Empath

Qualified in Remedial, Swedish, and Sports/Clinical Massage Therapy

Studied visceral manipulation of the digestive system/abdomen and lungs/thorax via Barral Institute

Founder of LSM Clinic, a multi-award winning clinic in East London

Creator of Creighton Structural Massage – a unique, structural approach to massage/soft tissue work


Our bodies can carry some serious stuff – so as I worked with clients and found old wounds coming up, I knew I wanted to be able to hold space safely. 

That’s why I undertook READY! and ICF-accredited trauma, grief, and loss sensitive certification.

It gave me a better understanding of trauma, grief and loss and how to hold space for what can come up in our sessions and encourage you to find additional support as appropriate where what comes up is beyond the remit of our work together.

Intuitive Empath

One of the favourite parts of my work is that I’ll often feel the emotions your body is feeling, and receive pictures in my head when connected to your body. 

Our ultimate goal is for you to deepen your connection to your body and receive its messages yourself, and the ability to connect to you (with your permission, of course) can help make that process easier. 

My Story

First there was massage…

After a few years of living abroad, I ended up in Sydney, Australia studying remedial massage therapy. Remedial massage opened a whole new world of helping people to me – massage didn’t have to just be about relaxation. It could actually help realign the body to get rid of pain.  

And I dove deep into that. In 2010, after having settled in London, UK, I started my clinical massage therapy clinic with the singular goal of removing unnecessary pain related to muscle tension and imbalances. 

Always looking for the deeper why, I found visceral manipulation (also known as organ-specific fascial release) and studied it at the Barral Institute.  

Barral observed it seemed as if the brain put emotional overload into specific organs and that sometimes that emotion created issues with function / restrictions.  

It turned out, that would be key to the next step of my journey. 

Cue the magic & intuition…

Just like many of my clients, when I was young I felt a connection to magic, energetics, and mysterious ‘other worlds’, but quickly learned that wasn’t ‘real’ – and ‘normal’ people didn’t believe in those things. 

But then Covid hit, and the smattering of intuitive nudges I was getting during my client sessions in person were magnified when I switched to video sessions during lockdown. 

A couple years before the lockdowns, I started noticing that there were some tissues that wouldn’t release, no matter what I did (even with my unique structural protocols that had helped so many of our clients). 

Until… I brought back the thing Barral had noticed – emotions. 

When I started to ask clients to connect to their body, open their mind, and talk about what came up, 

Almost like magic after they spoke about what came into their mind, the muscle tension dissolved (without any additional massage techniques). 

Then during lockdowns, and video sessions, I had to rely more and more on the intuition – the gut feeling that there was a knot..

Not there, 

no, up a bit

right there – can you feel it? 

(And yes, there usually was)

And had to walk clients through connecting to their own kidneys or livers or hip flexors. 

That I started to feel the emotions their body was feeling – 


And receive pictures and words and all sorts when connecting to their body (always with consent, of course). 

The universe brought me more and more clients who were carrying all SORTS of things in their body – from current stressors to events from childhood, ancestral and intergenerational trauma, and even past lives and beyond (yes, even with clients who did NOT believe in past lives). 

And now we’re here

Which brings us to now.

And you, here.

I work with people who know, deeply, they’re here for a mission but they feel like their body keeps getting in the way. 

To help people understand where their body pain is coming from, release what needs to be released, adjust what needs to be adjusted, and ultimately find that their body wants to be their partner in this life they chose. 

If you’d like to try my work, you can book an introductory session with me to experience my work, drop me a message or book a quick chat if you’d like to ask questions first.

Or, if you run a group, membership or mastermind and think your people would benefit from connecting more deeply to their bodies and understanding where their pain may come from, you can book a group workshop

Oh, and some personal stuff

Well, I’m originally from the USA (Baltimore, MD-ish) but have now made my home in East London, UK with my husband, two boys (currently 7 & 10) and two cats (black and white, Grizzle and Jack – picture of them sleeping with me as they often do while I’m in bed). 

I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fantasy and romance like the Witcher and Bridgerton, and am definitely a body geek (I read brain and body science books in my spare time, along with anything written by Sophie Kinsella). 

In my life I’ve had about 15 jobs, including logistics, teaching horseback riding, and working as a paralegal (to name a few). 

I’m still not entirely sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m pretty sure it will have to do with helping people feel better in their lives. 

How about you?

What are you looking for help with? What brought you to my neck of the internet? 

You can use the form to send a message, telling me about what you’re struggling with or what you need help with. 

Would you like some resources? A call? To try a session? Or just subscribe to my emails and get to know me a bit better? 

Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from you and get to know a bit about what you and your body need to feel better.