Let's get your body on board with your life's mission


Hi, I'm Katherine

It’s so great to meet you! 

I’m Katherine, and I work with leaders and world changers who know, deep down, that their body pains and weird energies are holding them back from showing up the way they’re meant to in the world. 


Originally trained in sports/remedial muscle therapy (where I created my own body-mechanics massage technique) and visceral manipulation (aka working with the organs), I started noticing that physical pain didn’t just come from muscle tension/physical issues. 

My client’s bodies were holding emotional energy that created pain & discomfort in their bodies, and that by connecting to that energy & releasing it we not only improved their body pain (and chronic headaches, IBS, fatigue, and focus), but also discovered that our bodies can be our greatest supporters in our work. 

Ready to start connecting?

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Work With Me

If your body has been asking you to pay more attention to it, or listen to it, or you just feel like unlocking your body is the next right step on your journey, below are some ways we can work together or I can support a group or membership you run.

Initial Session

It’s hard to know if something is right for you if you’ve never tried it. If you feel called to this work, and would like to try it before working with me in my usual client package, this is a good choice. 

Connect & Release

In my Connect & Release package, we’ll connect with your body over 6 or 8 sessions, adding in journalling prompts and self-care exercises to release the things you’re carrying that you no longer need, and you’ll start to see your body as the partner and massive supporter that it wants to be. 

Group Workshop

If you think your group, programme, or membership could use a bit more body connection, or learn the ability to find out if their physical pain is from a muscular imbalance or emotional energy, I offer one-off group workshops to walk your people through that process using a trauma-sensitive approach. 

What's it like working with you?

We’ve all been taught to ignore our bodies – work through the pain, keep going until we break. 

OR, we look at our body as this unfortunate part of existing on earth – especially if we see ourselves as souls here for a purpose.

Actually, our bodies have their own personalities and desires, and they’re here to be our partner in creating our life’s work. 

When we work together, we help you reopen the connection with your body and start to appreciate it for the truly magical entity it is. It has access to, and holds things, we’re not even aware of and we can learn so much from it. 

During our sessions we transform your relationship to your body by learning to listen to it, have a dialogue with it, and understanding that it’s here to help you live. 

By the end, your body becomes your partner in your work – not something that holds you back. 

And the bonus is, it almost always has the side effect of feeling less day to day pain, aches, or other annoying physical symptoms too. 

What clients say

'I didn't realise the body had so much to say to me'

Solera, Professional Channel


'I knew I was safe to say whatever was happening for me'

Mickey MacKaben, Artist & Intuitive Coach


Questions? Wanna chat?

If you’re feeling a nudge or guidance that this work may be what you’re looking for, I’m always happy to answer questions or set up a short video chat. You can send me a message below with any questions or thoughts you have, and if it feels right we can hop on a call together. 

(Don’t worry, I am very anti-pressure tactics and don’t want anyone to make a decision on a call – the first call is just getting to know each other and learning more about what working with me is like)

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