Let's get your body on board with your life's mission

Your body wants to talk...

Are you ready to connect with it?
Are you ready to discover what it's carrying for you?
Are you ready for your body to be the partner it wants to be?

We’ve all been taught to ignore our bodies – work through the pain, keep going until we break. 

Your body doesn’t want to be a burden – it’s here to help you show up the way you were meant to. 

It’s here to support you in your life’s mission.

It has access to, and holds things, we’re not even aware of and we can learn so much from it.  


Together we’ll rekindle the connection with your body so it can show you how truly magical it is. 

We transform your relationship to your body by learning to have a dialogue with it. It will show you what it’s carrying that may be holding you back. 

Begin here..

The Initial Session is a single session to see how this works with your body.

You’ll usually get a deeper insight around one specific problem, and what to do next.  

Connect & Release Package

This is a 3-4 month container, with a number of sessions and between session support, to go deep with your body and start to make some lasting changes. 


If you’d like something special for your group or mastermind? Small-group workshops are perfect to help people start listening to the messages from their body. 

Ready to start connecting?

If your body has been asking you to pay more attention to it, or listen to it, or you just feel like unlocking your body is the next right step on your journey… 

Try this free guided audio to help you connect to your body.

Meet Katherine

Welcome, it’s so great to meet you!

I’m Katherine. 

I work with leaders and world changers who know, deep down, that their body pains and weird energies are holding them back from showing up the way they’re meant to be in the world.

If your intuition is telling you this is or might be the right next step, I look forward to working with you.

Are you ready to get your body on board with your life’s mission?

the experience

Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Here are some client stories…  

"I didn't realise the body had so much to say to me"

Solera, Professional Channel


"I knew I was safe to say whatever was happening for me"

Mickey MacKaben, Artist & Intuitive Coach


Improve your connection to your body today...

This 7-minute audio will help you start to improve your ability to hear what your body is carrying & wants to tell you about…