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Life as I know it: including health, mindset, food, parenting, productivity and…

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Why Assassinating Donald Trump Would be a Really, Really Bad Idea

Oh, dear. Like many, many people, I was in shock when I woke up on Wednesday morning to find out that Donald Trump had been elected president. Why? For anyone reading this who voted for him, I’ll explain briefly. I […]

How to Ace a Massage Job Interview

How to Ace a Massage Job Interview

Congratulations, you’ve got your first interview for a massage job! And it dawns on you – what exactly do you do in a massage job interview? How do you dress? Not in a suit, but can you show up in […]

4 Reasons to Let Your Toddler Fall Down

Picture this: Your bright-eyed, chubby angel is teetering at the edge of a playground platform that’s about six inches off the ground. At any moment, he may tumble off the edge, scraping his knee, or even worse, bonking his head. Or, […]

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